What Happens When I Swing for the Other Team

So I just returned from a fabulous trip to The Bahamas via Carnival Cruises and Sixthman. And what little treasure did I bring back with me? A shirt? A magnet? Nope! A cold! As Jon noted, “Who catches a cold in the Caribbean?” Well, me apparently, but I’ve discovered the agent of my current unhappy physical state: a dolphin. My friend Alan and I decided on the dolphin interaction excursion at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau. It was all fun and games until it came time to mack on the lovely creature for a photo op. That Sasha dolphin gave me the notorious Rhinovirus! Grrr!

A lesson to the wise–do not French kiss a dolphin, no matter how much she may smile at you. You’ll regret it!

Kiss a Dolphin
(Poor, unsuspecting victim)

One Response to “What Happens When I Swing for the Other Team”

  1. Jon says:

    I knew it!

    Now, if you actually have pics or video of said event, I think we could make some money. There are weirdos who would pay good money to see that.